While most of us get a little stir crazy being cooped up in the winter, this year promises to be extra tough as we stay inside even more due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Being stuck indoors means some of the home improvement projects on your list that previously seemed small or insignificant might feel more pressing – after all, it’s easy to notice those imperfections when you’re looking at them day in and day out. Fight boredom and get more done with these 3 easy home improvement projects to kickstart the new year: 

  1. Transform a room with new paint. Whether you’re switching up wall colors, freshening up wood paneling, or upgrading cabinets, a new coat of paint can make all the difference. Winter is a great time to get started, as many manufacturers run sales during this time and less demand means lower prices for professional painters.  
  2. Changing cabinet hardware. Give your kitchen an inexpensive upgrade by changing the pulls or knobs on your cabinets. It’s a great Saturday project, as it’s usually as simple as unscrewing old hardware and putting on the new. 
  3. Put new flooring in your mudroom or laundry room. There’s no reason these functional rooms can’t look chic, too! Choose an option like vinyl tile, sheet vinyl, or laminate for an easy upgrade to some of your home’s most highly-trafficked rooms. 

If you have home improvements big or small that you’re worried about affording, we can help with a Home Equity Line of CreditRates are at historic lows, meaning it’s more cost-effective than ever to make your house a home using your existing equity. Plus, pay NO closing costs to tap into your equity! 

Contact us today and a member of our team will walk you through the process or start your application.